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Heading into the New Year, the buzz in my network revolves around REO inventory that has built up as banks have observed their self-imposed ‘Holiday Moratorium’ and holding off on evictions and other foreclosure activity for about 2-3  months.

Hedge Funds are entering the market by purchasing large amounts of inventories and look to be a player in the 2011 market. HUD will be releasing large amounts of inventory this year and are promoting participation from the real estate community by paying full commissions on their properties.

As bank inventories reach capacity, more ‘Outsourcing’ companies will become major players in the distribution of  listings to top performing real estate agents who maintain high performance standards.

What does this mean for the consumer? I am cautiously optimistic that there will be opportunities for acquiring rental properties, some ‘flipping’ opportunities as well as reasonable prices for acquisition for an owner occupied property.

I also see more ‘traditional’ sales as sellers look to cash out and head to retirement or become move up purchasers, taking advantage of the drop of value in higher price ranges..  Some of the constants that exist in every market are ‘Probate Sales’, divorce and career change/ job transfer.

Since Probate Real Estate is one of my niches, I receive many inquiries from consumers who want to seek advice on selling Probate Real Estate, and how to simplify the process as well as cut down the cost of selling a Probate Property.

Due to the quantity of homes that I sell on an annual basis, I am often asked to give valuation opinions and give advice on when and how to sell for top dollar, negotiate a short sale and can offer an opinion that is based on working knowledge as opposed to theory.

Regardless of whether you are interested in capitalizing on the market for an investment or selling /buying a home for traditional reasons, I can offer highly insightful information to help you make a wise decision that is right for you.

You can contact me anytime at 510 881 1761, 510 888 3322, email at or visit my website at .

Happy New Year and bye for now!


Dean Souza

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