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Top 10 reasons to sell your home right now….no matter how absolutely, painfully, awful the price you may have to deal with!

1. The market is not getting better it hasn’t even stopped getting worse!

2. If the market averaged 3% a year for the last 30 years and your home value is down 40%…how long will it take to get back to its highest value?

3. All Homeowners had a winning lottery ticket from 2001-2005…some people cashed theirs in…the rest of us have a ticket that is expired!

4. If you are buying up the home you want to buy has come down more than the one you are selling.

5. The Government is helping to fix the situation…do I really need to elaborate?

6. If they take away the mortgage interest deduction…many people will decide they may as well just rent.

7. With so many investors buying and holding property rents most likely won’t rise much and when prices do get up more homes may flood the market.

8. There is nothing happening in the economy to indicate that things are getting any better, now or in the near future.

9. Any decision you make now is at least a 10 year decision…live in it for 10 years, rent it for 10 years, sit over priced for 10 years…or price it at the ridiculously painful real price of today and move on with your life.

10. The economy won’t get moving without a Real Estate Recovery, jump in and be part of the solution!

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